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Search no further for a pantomime script to suit your company- this is the panto site for you. We can either adapt our existing pantomime scripts or write a new pantomime specially for you. Get in touch for examples of existing scripts or to discuss your own brand-new pantomime.

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For the best in theatrical entertainment in South East Cornwall.
Some Reviews..

The Ousting of the Ogre Bogle - Best Pantomime, Bristol Evening Post

Jack and the Beansprout - Award for Outstanding New Lyrics: Cornwall Rural Community Council

Aladdin: There are quite a few new pantomimes around nowadays but very few have such originality as this one.
Gerry Parker -
Bristol Rose Bowl Awards

Babes in the Wood: Altogether a triumph for all concerned: Mid Cornwall Advertiser.

Babes in the Wood: A wonderful example of a village pantomime tailored to the skill and availability of the performers: Cornwall Drama Association.

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Music, in particular songs, is an integral part of a pantomime.

However, the amount and complexity of the music will depend on your company's musical director.

Some companies are happy to use popular, well-known songs and shoe-horn them into the show, either trying to paper over the joins or even ignoring the fact that they might not always fit.

We can provide suggestions for these.

Preferable is a selection of songs that belong to the show and again, depending on what and how many you want, we can provide songs from previous versions of the same story.

Or, best of all, we can either write you some new ones with your musical director composing the tunes or produce words and music, but this does add up because composers have expensive tastes.

All of this is open to discussion.

Click below to hear samples of our songs 
Sample 1 - "A Panto Song" Sample 3 "Work"
Sample 2 - "The Twankeys" Sample 4 - "Magic"
Sample 5 - "Dreaming of the Stars"  
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